Monday, August 29, 2016

First Day and House Update

Today was Xander's first day of 2nd grade!

He was so excited and has been ready to go back for a couple weeks now.  We crammed in a lot of fun to the end of our summer.  Trips to the dentist and barber shop, movies, park, ice cream and bowling with friends, and back-to-school shopping and lunch with cousins and Mimi.

It was a good summer.  And I'm ready for school to start, but I'm also sort of sad at the same time.  But anyway - back to today!

Piper was excited for him and posed for me.  Paxton was super grumpy and pitched a fit at the school.  Lucas went into work late so he could walk Xander in and tell him bye and take pictures on his first day.  Instead, we were rushing in 2 minutes before the bell rang, then Pax started screaming his head off.  Lucas took him outside, thus not getting to say goodbye to Xander.  It was a disaster, and I'm sure we left a wonderful impression on his new teacher.  Ugh.

But such is life.  I don't live in Pinterest world.  Sadly.  MAN - how awesome would that be, though??  I'd be 7,000 pounds, but live in a perfect house.

But I digress.

Speaking of houses, I thought I'd also give you a little update on the progress of ours.  It's coming along slowly.  Last weekend we finished up the laundry room so I don't have to haul clothes to other people's houses (then entertain the kids while we wait for them to wash).  Woo hoo!!

And last night we got Xander's room "done."  I still have to move back in some books and toys, but he slept in there last night and got dressed in there this morning.  I'd call that pretty much complete.  And I love the color he picked!

We're still waiting on our countertop to come in so we still don't have a kitchen.  We're working on the kids' bathroom and painting the kitchen cabinets this week they'll be ready when the countertop is (hopefully).

So there you have it!  We have Xander's birthday party this weekend (a couple weeks early so it's still warm), then the twins start preschool next week!  It's a big 2 weeks!

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