Thursday, September 29, 2016

Xander's 8th birthday!

My Xander turned 8 a few weeks ago.  I know I'm such a cliche mom, but I really can't believe he's 8.  EIGHT.  Such a big kid.

And he's great, y'all.  I know everyone thinks that about their children, but he really is just the best.  He's compassionate and kind and honest and hilarious and just a really good kid.  I'm so proud of him and feel very lucky to be his mom.

Annual shot with his tree.  And his Raja.

But onto less mushy stuff!  He decided to have his party 2 weeks before his birthday because he wanted to have it at a park with a splash pad and wanted to make sure it would still be warm.  (Here we are 2 weeks after his birthday and we're still sweating every day - who knew?!)

We had a really good time though and the weather was great!  We did a Pokemon theme and, per usual, I didn't take nearly enough pictures of the decorations and whatnot. 

I like to make my kids' birthday cakes, but this year I didn't have a kitchen, so we went store-bought.  I'll be honest, it made me sort of feel bad.  But guess what?  Not a single complaint.  ;)

I LOVE to watch Xander open gifts.  He is genuinely appreciative of everything he gets.  He smiles and says "thank you," and also then runs to the person whose gift he just opened and gives them a big hug.  (But to girls his age he just gave a high-five.  Which was hilarious and awesome.) 

We had a great time at the early party.

Most of the party people - we had a very fun crowd!

A few days before his birthday the other 4 of us surprised him with cheese nachos - his favorite - for lunch at school.

On his actual birthday we started the morning by opening a few gifts. 

He loved them all.

Please ignore the streaker in the background

Then he and Lucas went to Carowinds!  Xander wanted to ride roller coasters for his birthday, so that's what they did.  It was his first time and he loved it!  I'm not super great at attaching videos on here, but I tried below.  It's worth the watch to hear him yell "Loop-de-looooop!"  (And props to Lucas for holding onto the phone while riding a roller coaster!)

Happy happy birthday, Alexander James.  My Xander.  You are so very loved.  No matter what.


  1. Such a lovely birthday party. Loved the children enjoying the day. Well, I also want to arrange my nephew’s birthday party at one of LA venue. Planning to have star wars themed party as he loves it.